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Entropay Casinos Canada – A Preferred Way to Pay and Get Paid Online

Entropay Deposits and Withdrawals at Canada CasinosThere are many Canadian online casinos to choose from, and nearly as many reasons why a player should or should not choose one over another. One of the most prominent factors in selecting a casino is the selection of payment methods. There should always be an easy way to get money in and out of your casino account. 

UPDATE: As of October 2018, Entropay is no longer available in Canada.

The information in this article is no longer relevant. Please refer to our Directory of All Canadian Casino Deposit Options for a current list of payment options. Thank you.

[Outdated] Every banking option tends to have its pros and cons. Security isn’t usually a concern these days but other factors may come into play, like speed, efficiency, and price point. Most deposit options are instant, but not all. Some methods are more cost effective than others. Then there are banking options that only work for deposits, but not withdrawals. Simply being a resident of Canada can eliminate eligibility to use certain payment methods.

Entropay is one of the few online casino payment options that falls into the positive column of all these factors.

Entropay Casinos Canada

Entropay Casinos CanadaIn the last few years, the popularity of Entropay has grown immensely. Today, it’s become one of the most preferred payment methods for Canada’s online casino gaming community. It’s not only fast and convenient, it’s wholly secure, cost effective and – my personal favorite – available for both deposits and withdrawals.

Playing at a reputable casino that accepts Canadian players and Entropay deposits can make your overall experience a lot more enjoyable. The whole point of playing is to have a good time. You shouldn’t have to worry about funding your account, or how you’ll receive your winnings.

Security of Entropay Deposits and Withdrawals

Entropay Virtual VisaAn Entropay account is, in reality, a Virtual Visa account. Entropay works in tandem with Visa, the most trusted name in credit and debit card services worldwide. If you’ve ever used a Visa card to make an online purchase, using an Entropay account is no different.

Anyone in the world can open an Entropay account online, so long as they have a valid way to fund the account. The Entropay website utilizes the same security technology as government-regulated banking institutions. Best of all, when making an Entropay casino payment, you never have to share your financial details with the casino operator. It’s worry-free, hassle-free, and extremely fast.

Speed of Deposits and Withdrawals

Entropay deposits are instant. So long as you’ve funded the Entropay account with enough money to process the deposit, the payment is delivered instantly into your casino account upon submission.

Withdrawals take a little bit longer, due to the processing time of online casinos. Most operators require their members to wait 24-48 hours before processing a withdrawal request. However, once the processing time is complete, the funds will immediately appear in your Entropay account.

Entropay Currency Conversion to CAD

The only negative aspect of employing Entropay deposits and withdrawals at Canada casinos is that players cannot register their account in CAD. The company only supports accounts in EUR, GBP and USD. Entropay utilizes Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to instantly convert CAD deposits into EUR, GBP or USD, depending on which you choose at sign-up.

The reason this lands in the negative column is that members must pay currency conversion fees each time they use Entropay. Which brings us to…

Cost of Entropay Casino Payments

Some Entropay services are free, while others may incur a fee. It is free to open an account, create a virtual Visa card, and make purchases (including casino deposits).

This chart [current as of February 19, 2018] delineates any and all fees you may be subject to. Note that the actual price of percentage-based fees can fluctuate due to foreign exchange rates.

Entropay Pricing




Open Account




Create Virtual Visa Card




Make a Purchase / Casino Deposit




Receive Money / Casino Withdrawal

Up to

Up to

Up to

Fund Entropay from Bank Account




Fund Entropay from Credit/Debit Card




Fund Entropay w/ Other Entropay Card




Withdrawal to Bank Account




Withdrawal to Credit/Debit Card




Foreign Exchange Fee on Purchases




Billing Currency Conversion Service Charge




Monthly Dormancy Fee (for 6 month inactivity)




Chargeback Processing Fee




Signing Up an Etropay Account

Registering an Entropay account is a quick and painless process. Simply enter you personal information, then add a funding method, as instructed. It’s recommended to link to a banking account, as the fees are considerably lower (see above).

Pay attention to which currency you select for your account. EUR or GBP is recommended. If you choose USD, make sure you do not register an ‘Entropay Classic‘ account. These accounts, serviced in USD only, are not eligible to make any payments for the purpose of online gambling. You must maintain a standard Entropay account for online casino gaming.

Next, create your Entropay Virtual Visa Card. You will be given a 16-digit card number, expiration date and 3-digit CVV security code (the same info found on a physical Visa card). Keep this information in a safe and secure place, and never share it with anyone.

How to Deposit and Withdrawal with Entropay

You can deposit at Entropay casinos Canada the same as you would with a Visa card. In fact, you can select Entropay from the list of payment options, or – if Entropay isn’t an option – simply select Visa debit. Enter the amount to deposit and follow the instructions to compete the purchase.

For withdrawals, choose Entropay as your payment method. Again, enter the amount to withdrawal and follow the instructions. The money should appear in your Entropay account within a few days.

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Author: Andrew Stewart