Five Basic Football Bets to Get You Started

Five Basic Football Bets to Get You Started

Full & Half Winners

Two of the simplest bets that you can choose from are the
winners of the entire game or each half. These are two of the best basic bets
because they are easy to understand. The full winner is simply who is the
winner at the end of the match and is what most people think of when betting.
However, now it is possible to bet on the winner of each half. This can be
particularly advantageous if betting on a team that tends to come out strong in
the first half of the match or a team that tends to fade in the second half of

Individual Scorers & Team Scores

Another popular type of bet is on individual scorers. This is a great option if you want to follow a certain player, but are not as interested in the team overall. You can bet if an individual player will score at any point in the match. You can also bet if a given player will be the first or the last player to score. This is a good option for betting on superstar players. Another type of bet is to choose which team will score first or last in the game.

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Handicap Betting

A fifth basic bet to make on football is a handicap bet.
Handicapping is something that is more common to see in other sports with
higher scoring differentials like basketball and American football. With a
handicap bet, the favourite
to win will be handicapped by a certain amount of goals. For example, a team
may be 1.5 goal favourites. In this case, they
would need to win by 2 or more goals for the bet to pay off. As this puts you
at a bigger disadvantage, the payout will be bigger. If you are looking to get
into football betting these are five great options.

Author: Andrew Stewart