Instant EFT Casinos Canada – Electronic Funds Transfer Deposits

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Instant EFT Casinos Canada: Dissemination of Electronic Funds Transfer Casino Deposits

If you’ve visited any major online gambling websites lately, you may have noticed that most of them offer dozens of banking methods to choose from. Research has proven two very important things about abundant choices. 1) Most people agree that having a wide selection is better. 2) The more choices we are given, the harder it is to make a decision.

Instant EFT Casinos Canada - Electronic Funds Transfer Deposits

I watched a very interesting episode of Brain Games a while back that dealt with this very topic. They used a typical ice cream shoppe as an example. The majority of people who were offered three simple choices – vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry – were able to choose very quickly, and were ultimately happy with their decisions. The majority of people given 30+ flavors to choose from took much longer to decide, and often experienced anxiety. Most were second-guessing their choices, even after making it.

The same problem is occurring in the online gambling community. Operators are working hard to give their players as many choices as possible. It makes sense for operators to do so. They accepting players from all regions of the world, each seeking out a secure, convenient, and cost effective means of funding their accounts. But the overabundance of choices is making it so much harder for players to decide.

I’m not going to try to pick for you. I don’t know your situation, what bank you use, or what types of credit/debit cards you possess. Therefore, I cannot determine which method of deposit would best for you. What I can do, however, is recommend using a form of Instant EFT Deposits.

What is an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?

An Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT for short, is the most common way to pay for goods in Canadian society today. Chances are, you use EFT payments at least once a week, maybe more, and don’t even realize it.

Is your pay cheque direct deposited to your bank? That’s an EFT. Did you use a debit card to pay for fuel or groceries? That’s an EFT, too. Do you have any subscription plans, like a magazine or gym membership, even your internet or cellular phone bill, that automatically withdrawals from your bank? Yep, that’s another form of EFT.

EFTs are the backbone of most Canadian payment system. They work by sending an instant notification to the bank that a transfer has been requested. The bank instantly responds with its own notification to verify whether the amount of funds is or is not available in the customer’s account.

If the account has insufficient funds, the EFT won’t go through. If funds are sufficient, the payment receives immediate approval. The bank will begin the process of transferring the funds to the recipient. This can actually take a few days. Thanks to the power of instant EFT, the merchant knows the payment is on its way, thus the customer receives their purchase without delay.

In this way, Canada casinos with EFT deposits are able to give players an immediate account balance, even though it will be days before the operator receives the payment.

Are EFTs Safe and Secure?

Let’s think about this question for a moment. You now know that EFTs constitute many of the same methods of payment you’ve been using for years. If they weren’t secure, you probably wouldn’t be using them anymore.

The truth is, the safety and security of your personal and financial information is only as safe as the banks, merchants, and online casinos you do business with. Then there’s the penetrability of the desktop, laptop, or mobile device to consider.

All Canadian banks and credit unions are under strict regulation. They undergo regular security maintenance and updates, so that shouldn’t be a worry. Stick to well-established, strictly regulated casino websites, and you’re fine there, too. On your end, stay away from insecure, public WiFi connections. Never give out your login and password information. Always log out of your casino account before allowing anyone else access to your computer, phone or tablet.

Utilizing Instant EFT Casinos Canada

The next time you’re overwhelmed by too many online casino deposit methods, take a deep breath and relax. Immediately narrow your options down to EFT-based payment systems. Doing so will make your decision a lot easier. Then, eliminate any remaining choices that don’t apply to you, or aren’t convenient. Finally, compare the costs of those that remain. You’ll be on your way to a quick and happy depositing experience in no time.

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Author: Andrew Stewart