Interac Casinos Canada – Fast, Safe, Reliable Online Gambling Payments

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7 Jun

Interac Casinos Canada – Fast, Safe, Reliable Online Gambling Payments

For Canadians, Interac is among the most popular methods of deposit at online casinos and other gambling sites. This Canadian-only method has been around for a few decades already. But it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that it really began to take hold in the iGaming community.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best Interac casinos and other betting sites, and how this payment method is helping enhance the most critical aspect of the iGaming experience – payment security.

What is Interac?

How to use Interac to Gamble Online in Canada - An all-inclusive guide to fast, safe and easy deposits at Interac Casinos Canada in 2022.Interac is a Canadian nonprofit interbank network. It was formed in 1984 as a cooperative venture between 5 major banks: Scotiabank, TD, CIBC, RBC, and Desjardins. Today, it serves as the quintessential debit card provider in Canada. However, as a provider of digital finance technology, Interac rarely, if ever, hands out debit cards. Most of its operations take place online or over a virtual network. That is to say, Interac works in the background; thus, most of its users never even realize they’re using it.

90% of all Canadian debit cards issued are Interac complaint. An Interac debit card is just like any other debit card, except that it typically bears the Interac logo. Paying with an Interac debit card couldn’t be easier. Like any other debit card, you can swipe it at checkout and, if necessary, enter your PIN to complete the purchase.

If the card features the Interac logo, that means it is Interac Flash enabled. With this type of card, you can simply hold it over a contactless card reader and wait for an audible “beep!“. The amount of the purchase is deducted instantly from your chequing account, and sent to the merchant.

Interac Debit Card with Inter Flash Enabled

Fun Fact: In 2001, Interac became more popular than cash as a method of payment. It has also surpassed all other payment methods in Canada in the years since.

Interac Casinos Canada – Who’s Eligible?

Interac is exclusive to participating Canadian bank accounts. Anyone with access to a participating bank can use the Interac instant transfer system to make payments. This relates to most banks and credit unions in Canada; more than 80 member organizations, making up more than 90% of the nation’s financial institutions – not to mention tens of thousands of ABMs.

Long story short, if you have a Canadian bank account that grants access to an online banking network – in today’s digital world, who doesn’t? – chances are very high that you can use Interac.

Here are just a few of the major banks in Canada that support Interac gambling payments. Click on any one of them for a full review.

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If you’re among the very slim minority who don’t have access to Interac, maybe it’s time you consider changing banks. There are just so many benefits to using Interac. And with so many available banks and so many compatible services, it’s worth the effort.

It’s also worth noting that Interac is accepted at Canada’s most reputable online casinos. That includes locally regulated operations, like those licensed in Ontario, as well as international gambling sites that cater to Canadian customers. That’s on top of more than half a million merchants across the country; from small shops to major chains, and everything in between. 

How to Use Interac Casinos

Interac is safe, lightning quick, and incredibly easy to use. At launch, it was hailed as a revolutionary way to pay. Through progressive advancements in technology, it has maintained that reputation ever since. Of course, there are many more “revolutionary” payment methods available these days. But having become so ingrained in our culture, being the preferred payment method of most of the country’s merchants, it’s no surprise Interac is so far ahead of any competitors.

If you have a Canadian bank or credit union account that supports online banking and is a partner of the Interac network, you are already able to use this payment method. You won’t need to register any special account or link your chequing info to it. That happens automatically, courtesy of your financial institution. All you have to do is start using it.

Step By Step Guide to Interac Deposits

To make an Interac casino deposit, simply visit the website’s cashier and choose Interac as your payment method. Enter the amount you want to deposit and press the corresponding button to initiate the payment.

On the next screen, you will see a list of banks, followed by a drop-down menu. If your bank name is not on the list of major brands, open the drop-down menu and scroll until you find it.

How to Use Interac at Online Casinos

Next, you’ll be redirected to your own bank’s website to log into your online banking account, just as you normally would. Once logged in, you’ll see the details of the impending payment. If everything looks good, tap the button to confirm the deposit. The funds will deduct instantly form your bank and appear just as quickly in your casino balance.

Tip: If you’re not sure if your financial institution works with Interac, see the complete list of Interac Partner Banks. For your convenience, this link opens in a new window.

Does it Cost Anything to Use Interac Online?

There is no charge to make an Interac casino deposit. The only fee Interac charges is a miniscule processing fee to the receiver; (i.e. the online casino). It’s such a negligible amount, merchant websites never pass this cost on to the customer.

The same may not be true of Interac withdrawals, however. Since you are the receiver in this situation, you may be responsible for paying this fee. Some Canadian banks will waive Interac transfer fees, or at least waive a certain number of Interac transactions per month. It all depends on your bank and the type of chequing account you have.

You’ll have to check with your financial institution to see what Interac transfer fees, if any, you may be responsible for. 

What about Interac eTransfers?

Interac can be used in a variety of ways at online casinos. When you use an Interac debit card, it’s automatic. When you choose Interac as a deposit method, then chose your bank from a list (as described above), you’re using Intarac Online. But there’s another service, different from those above, known as Interac E-Transfer.

An Interac eTransfer generally takes place on a mobile device, via an app or mobile browser. To use it, you’ll need an account with any Interac compatible financial institution and an active email address or phone number. There are fewer online casinos accepting Interac eTransfers, simply because there are extra steps taken to process them compared to Interac Online and Interac Debit. This includes getting in contact with customer support to determine a security question and answer.

How to Deposit with Interac E-Transfer

Start by visiting the online casino’s banking section and choose Interac E-transfer from the menu of deposit options. You’ll either be prompted to open a live chat with support, or given instructions via email on how to proceed.

During your communication with the casino, you’ll establish three important things. First is the amount you want to deposit. Next, the casino will provide an email address or mobile phone number to send the payment to. Finally, you’ll set up a security question and answer. The security answer must be very specific, and is case sensitive.

When you’re ready, open Interac eTransfer and choose to Send Money. Enter the agreed upon amount to send (no more, no less) and the email/phone number to send it to. Finally, enter the security question and answer discussed with customer support. It must be exact, so again, stick to the script.

When you submit the deposit, an email or text message will be sent to the recipient (the online casino). The support rep you spoke to should receive it right away, and will respond to the message with the answer to the security question. If answered correctly, the funds are immediately transferred.

Multi-Layer Security, at a Cost

While the process is more involved, the level of security is unparalleled. It’s also not free. You’ll be charged $0.50 for an eTransfer of up to $100, and $1.00 for transfers over $100. 

The Best Interac Casinos in Canada

Although Interac is very popular in Canada, the fact that it is not available to banking customers outside of this country means it’s less common for online casinos to accept it. If you stick with an online casino that is based in and operates in Canada, then you’re sure to find it on their menu. But there are far more international online casinos accepting Canadian players from countries like Europe.

The likelihood of an international gambling site accepting Interac payments depends entirely on its devotion to Canadian customers. There’s a big difference between accommodating Canadians, and catering to them. Those that truly appreciate their Canadian clientele are the most likely to support Interac deposits.

The best recommendation we can offer is to stick with major brands like Royal Vegas Casino. It is based in Malta and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, recognized as one of the most responsible iGaming regulators in the world. Since opening its virtual doors in 2000, it has been welcoming gamblers from all over the world.

In the last decade, Royal Vegas has been especially popular among Canada’s online casino goers. No doubt, its compatibility with Interac plays a major role in this. It’s not just about convenience though. There are plenty of other noteworthy benefits to using this casino.

Why We Like Royal Vegas Casino

Reputation: This is one of the oldest Canadian-facing casinos still in existence today. It’s been around since 2000, maintaining a stellar reputation for customer satisfaction for well over two decades.

Selection: There are upwards of one thousand unique titles on the Royal Vegas games menu. They include all manner of slot machines, video poker, tables, specialties, and some of the hottest live dealer games on the market.

Appreciation: To kick off your enjoyment of all this entertainment, the casino promotes a generous sign-up bonus for all new members. The bonus is paid out over the first four deposits, matching 100% up to $300 on each; a total of up to $1,200 in free bonus credits to play with.

Ontario-Licensed: Royal Vegas Casino was an early applicant for Ontario’s iGaming market. Ontarian regulators scrutinize every operator under a strict microscope, and deemed Royal Vegas worthy of licensure. this alone is a testament to its integrity and distinguishment as an international operator. Plus, it gives Ontario’s iGamers added assurance when betting online at Royal Vegas ON.  

Using Interac in Land-Based Casinos

Don’t forget, you can also use Interac offline, which makes it a great option for gambling in land-based casinos. There are many of these available throughout Canada, and the majority of them readily accept Interac.

Such is the case with the River Rock Casino Resort in BC, as well as the Caesars Windsor in Ontario. These are two of the biggest and most well-known casinos in Canada accepting Interac. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more, and if you’re a smart gambler, you’ll look for them – especially the smaller ones.

It’s a statistical fact that gamblers have more “luck” with smaller resorts, gaming centres, race tracks, and card rooms. (By luck, we of course mean smaller gaming halls tend to have higher return payout percentages.) they all accept debit card payments from Canadian gamblers, which means that, by default, they all accept Interac.

Whatever you do, and however you prefer to gamble, Interac truly is a great option. It may not provide all the bells and whistles of today’s web wallets, or the fee-free guarantee of e-Checks, but if it’s secure simplicity you seek, nothing beats Canada’s very own Interac payment method.

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